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District 205 teams up with Honest Game to ensure all student athletes are ready for the next level!

District 205 has joined forces with Honest Game to ensure that all of our students are academically eligible to play at the NCAA, DI, DII and NAIA levels!   

Honest Game takes students’ transcript/test scores and translates it into a College Athletic Report on Eligibility (CARETM). CARETM tracks all the academic requirements and ensures you know what to do before it’s too late. College coaches love the CARETM, because it does all the calculations for them and shows them you have a plan. There’s also a section where parents can consent for teachers to share their CARE™ with college coaches, so you don’t have to ask for permission every time a request comes in. With this new tool, District 205 will ensure our student athletes are ready for the next level!  


  • Watch this 90 second video on Honest Game to see why we've teamed up with them! 
  • Watch this 5 minute demo video on how Honest Game works!