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Thornridge Special Programs 2020 Initiatives and Goals!

Although virtual, I know that we are about to begin a great school year filled with hope, vision, and excitement. As we begin this new year, I wish everyone the greatest success. This year in Thornridge High School, Special Programs will continue to be shaped by its e-learning efforts as outlined in District 205’s Remote Learning Plan

The accomplishments made in Special Programs at TR have been monumental. All are to be commended going into a new school year and having had made such gains as we note that Recognizing Growth doesn’t necessitate the acceptance of Mediocrity. With this being said, Special Programs will continue our focus on the following programmatic initiatives:

  1. IEP compliance,
  2. Teaching and Learning
  3. College and career ready, and
  4. Mental Health and School Safety.

This school year, Special Programs is pleased to announce that the students who are receiving specialized and supportive services are correctly placed in their Least Restrictive Environments (LRE) springing fourth, Thornridge High School's Special Programs Goals 2020, which  states, at TR Special Programs will ....

  1. Enhance TRs staff support and development given in core content areas,
  2. Augment individual and small group student support,
  3. Expand MTSS supports provided for students and staff with a direct focus for our Tier 2 and Tier 3 students inclusive of SPED.
  4. Employ the use of STAR assessments (for which training will be made available) as a baseline for academic development.  

It is bound to be a year of great ambition and promise virtually and/or otherwise. Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t, you’re right.” I know that we can meet all of our initiatives in Special Programs and across content areas here at TR, because we have a faculty and staff that believes in the promise of educational excellence!!!! In Special Programs, we know that we have work to do, work that requires commitment, focus and collaboration and we know that we ALL will succeed

Yours in Education 
Dr. Covington