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South Suburban College Dual Credit Application

Click Here for South Suburban College Dual Credit Application

We are very excited to inform you that beginning next semester (January 2018) all freshmen enrolled in Education and Career Tech will receive dual credit through South Suburban College.  That means that students will receive 3 college credits (at absolutely no charge) while taking a high school course, they will not have to go to the South Suburban campus at all during this process.  All students will receive dual credit as long as they maintain an A, B, or C throughout the course.  They also are not required to attend South Suburban College upon graduation, once they have made their decision regarding college, they can just request their transcripts from SSC to receive their college credits.

Even though students will not be in the Education and Career Tech class until January, we still need them to fill out their applications now and we will do this through their English 1 classes.  The application does require each student to provide their social security number, just as any other college would.  So we are asking that you provide your child with their social security number so that the application can be completed.  As we go around to the English classrooms to talk about dual credit and pass out these letters, we will let the students know exactly which day they will be completing the application.  Therefore, the student will be able to let you know when they need to have it. 

We are truly excited about this opportunity as this is our first freshman class that has been approved for dual credit through South Suburban and we hope that you are excited as well.



Ms. Shannon R. Allred

CTE Coordinator, District 205